Draft Defence White Paper 1213

Cameron Stewart’s appraisal of the draft copy of the Defence White Paper is a damning indictment on every politician in Federal Parliament. (Chinese military power “shifting pacific balance” says defence white paper, 21-12).

It bears no relationship to the strategic defence needs of this nation but tries to accommodate a nation that refuses to stand on its own two feet by denying funding for modern high technology weapons.

Yippee, we are still in line to waste $50 billion on 90 year old technology by building 1930s style dieselectric submarines which have a submerged range at full power of probably 50 nautical miles. In the first week of a conflict the enemy’s nimble nuclear submarines will destroy them all in a low risk turkey shoot unless they are hiding in the shallows.

It is time for Australia to take our defence seriously and nuclear submarines, ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and armed drones should be at the forefront of any White Paper.



Gen 5 stealth fighters & nuclear subs for Defence


                                   F35 stealth fighter


Gen 5 stealth fighters & nuclear subs for Defence

                        The Gillard government is now proposing to purchase another 24 super hornet FA18s which will displace the purchase of the F35 stealth fighter undergoing final testing before production gets under way.

The political leadership of the defence forces of Australia are short sighted, incompetent opportunists who are willing to gamble the security of this country on half smart strategies designed to placate a disinterested public but leave this nation with outdated defence weapons incapable of performing against the modern weapons the enemy will have into the future.

Our politicians aim is to save a few pieces of silver by buying superseded FA18 aircraft which are not stealthy and whose air frame design originated forty years ago as a generation 4 fighter.

This is a false economy given that Australia can purchase state of the art generation 5 stealth fighters before the end of this decade. Why spend $120 million on old technology when in a few years we can get the latest technology for $190 million which will be effective for 30 years.

Conceived in the mid 1990s, the tri-variant F-35 represents the pinnacle of more than 50 years of fighter development technology. Designed to dominate the skies, the F-35 combines the 5th Generation characteristics of radar evading stealth, supersonic speed and extreme agility with the most powerful and comprehensive integrated sensor package of any fighter aircraft in history.

Yet our politicians would want our air force to go to war in outdated equipment which almost guarantees the deaths of the aircrews and the defeat of our defence forces, all in the name of saving a few dollars in the short term.

But in the long term the cost could be incalculable if our inferior outdated defence equipment allowed an enemy to defeat our forces and hold sway over our nation.

This near criminal neglect of our armed forces by our politicians is again on display by their tortured procedure of selecting a submarine replacement for the failed Collins class.

Defence minister Stephen Smith is hallucinating if he thinks the Collins class submarines can be rebuilt sufficiently to provide Australia with a credible defence capability out to 2038.

He has just spent $300 million on a wasted effort for a new design investigation for an antique dieselectric submarine made in Australia. He now plans to waste another $100 million on setting up a test pad for the diesel engines and generators of the next Australian built submarine relic to be operational in the 2040s

He is locked in the 1930s era trying to recreate a T-model Ford submarine when today’s and tomorrow’s submarines are nuclear powered Ferraris.

The $36 billion spent on these Neanderthals will be a complete waste of taxpayers’ money given that in any naval action they will be picked off in a no risk turkey shoot by far superior nuclear submarines.

The crews will have lost their lives for nothing and Australia will be at the mercy of the opposing naval vessels.

Our inept politicians are setting this nation up for a catastrophe in the next few decades by their continual bungling of a viable defence strategy that couldl make us strong and safe into the future.