HMAS Sterling naval base

Collins Class submarines at HMAS Sterling

Duncan Lewis secretary of Defence has quit his job in less than a year amidst rumours he was less than impressed with the political and financial direction he was getting from the Labor government.

But this is just the latest symptom of a democracy destroying its defence forces whilst other dictatorships and terrorist organisations are rapidly building their armed forces and profiles.

After 9/11 the Islamist jihadists boasted that by 2090 there would be an Islamic kingdom stretching from the Middle East to large areas of Northern Australia. The ivory tower academics, defence think tanks, government advisers and politicians all ridiculed this idea as farfetched.

Yet a decade later the Islamists virtually control Libya, Egypt, and a host of Middle Eastern countries and are having a running battle with the Indonesian government with protests, bomb making and embassy attacks at regular intervals.

Sydney is subjected to a brutal rally by Islamist supporters where police were savagely attacked and injured and yet the so-called experts still cannot see the light.

HMAS Sterling Naval Base W A

There is never a time for a 1.5% of GDP defence budget in a democracy as this breaks the morale of the military hierarchy and troops alike as well as draining the defence force of the last vestiges of deterrence needed to secure the nation.

The enemies of democracies become emboldened by this lack of commitment by the democracies to fund, build and support their defence forces.

This weakness of all western democracies gives the Taliban in Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, and any other tin pot outfit encouragement to push their human rights destroying agendas not only on their own populations but also on the citizens of the rest of the world.

The US with support from Britain is the only democracy attempting to defend our principles and security. This nation is growing exhausted by the effort. Their blood and treasure is constantly being sucked dry by the thankless parasite nations seeking a free ride on the coattails of Uncle Sam.

But never has there been a greater opportunity for Australia to secure its future than in these times of ever increasing turmoil. The US has shown interest in a shared naval base at HMAS Sterling in Western Australia to cover Asia and the Indian Ocean.

Australia should fully fund the expansion and updating of this base as an investment in its future. The US could share the technical skills needed to maintain nuclear powered submarines and missile systems etc until we become proficient in this field.

Australia should dump the ridiculous idea of sending our sailors to sea in WW2 technology diesel dinosaur submarines to fight nimble nuclear powered attack submarines which will mean almost certain death to our crews. Virginia class nuclear attack submarines should be leased and purchased from the US to be serviced at HMAS Sterling under the direction of American specialists.

Over time it is possible Australia could become the dominant force in this region and the US could reduce its forces to be better used in other hotspots in the world.

If Australia chose this option it would be the first time we fully committed to the ANZAC Alliance since WW2. As Australia’s sense of purpose grew and our contribution to the Alliance became real this nation may finally cast off its sense of hopelessness when faced with the defence of a 36,000 kilometre coastline of a massive continent with a small population.

Such a transformation in our thinking will take real political courage but the end result may be a nation capable of defending itself for the first time in its short history.

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