Australia grovels to China


Australia grovels to China

 Richard Woollcott’s suggestion that we should be sending unambiguous signals to China that we oppose containment and support “authoritarian capitalism” and that the US alliance has led us into three useless wars fighting the containment of communist expansion and terrorism smacks of a deep ingratitude towards the nation that saved us in WW2 and has been our guardian ever since.

We need not offend China nor should we go out of our way to grovel to China at the expense of our long time ally the US.

Diplomacy starts with a modern high technology defence force honed to excellence.

Australia has no defence force because of government refusal to fund its existence.

As a result our diplomatic muscle is a pathetic reflection of a sycophant nation unable to stand proud in the world knowing that it is deliberately defenceless and is willing to sell its soul to the highest bidder regardless of who has stood by us in the last century.

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