Australia freeloads off US Alliance


Australia freeloads off US Alliance


China’s first aircraft carrier SHI LANG

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is Meeting with the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Perth next week (14 Nov 2012) at the annual Ausmin meeting to discuss matters of interest between the two nations.

High on the list is sure to be Australia’s feeble contribution to the Alliance following massive defence spending cuts over the last four years.

Australia has no defence plan other than to be a parasite on the loins of the US war machine which will enable us to obtain national security on the cheap.

As we will soon find out the world does not work this way and it behoves the US to strongly object to Australia’s almost zero contribution to its own defence. Australia has become little more than a back seat passenger in the affairs of the Alliance.

This un-Australian bludging on a close friend and ally has most thinking Australian citizens deeply concerned as we have always been fiercely independent and willing to do more than our share.

The US has every right to warn Australia that there is “no free ride” when our present defence spending is 1.5% of GDP and it has rarely exceeded 2% since WW2. In comparison, our ally has been spending 4-5% of GDP for decades.

Understandably, the US is growing weary and impatient under the weight of the many free loaders amongst the Western democracies who suck US blood and treasure and contribute little in return.

Australia can and has to pull its weight in the Alliance by purchasing 10 state of the art Virginia class nuclear attack submarines from the US, each being armed with 12 cruise missiles and 38 missiles and torpedoes with a view to having them serviced in a joint US-Australian naval base, possibly HMAS Sterling.

The US already has 12 Virginia class submarines operating without any problems and has been building reliable nuclear submarines for over fifty years. One wonders at the intelligence of the donkeys running this country if they bypass this pool of knowledge by attempting to build antique diesel electric submarines in Australia.

The ivory tower academics and government advisers say Australia has no nuclear industry and we should use last century technology for our submarines. This line of thinking would have us still using wooden ships with cannon balls if our former leaders had the same flawed outlook.

Australia has to grasp high technology weapons with both hands as it is the only way we can defend a 36,000 kilometre coastline around a continent as massive as the US with our small population base.

Technology has to substitute for man power. China has 2.25 million soldiers in uniform and Indonesia could call on a million soldiers and militia in short order if required. Other Asian nations have significant numbers of soldiers in uniform.

             Latest Chinese stealth fighter aircraft

Western democracies have their backs to the wall. China has flown two new stealth fighter models in the last twelve months. The large stealth fighter, the J20, first took to the air in November 2011 and in October 2012 the Chinese have flown another smaller stealth fighter plane, the J21.

There could be hundreds of these attack aircraft built in the next decade. China has its first operational aircraft carrier with more to follow. Their submarine building programme surpasses that of the rest of the world put together.

Australia is extremely isolated, being positioned deep in the southern Pacific Ocean and bordering the Great Southern Ocean. We will be the first western democracy to go in a world conflict. No one will come to our rescue if their homeland is being attacked. The US homeland is probably the only secure democracy able to survive thanks to their continual acquisition of the latest high technology weapons.

Australia should put its best foot forward at the upcoming Ausmin conference and engage with the US in a genuine show of cooperation for our common good.

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