Diesel Dinosaurs are extinct


        Virginia class submarine under way

Diesel Dinosaurs are extinct

Labor and the Coalition should have to explain how building submarines in South Australia is vital to our defence given that these useless dinosaurs are unable to travel much further than 50 nautical miles submerged on batteries at a speed that may optimistically reach 25 knots.

Nick Champion and Christopher Pyne are prepared to jeopardize Australia’s security by championing partisan South Australian politics and leaving this nation once again defenceless into the future. They have no regard for the safety of the Australian crew brave enough to man these submerged death-traps.

This partisan politics by both major parties has no regard for the defence of the citizens of Australia and are asking us to be 100% reliant on the US to sail half way around the world with their nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers to save us.

Our politicians should for once in their lives get real and face the facts that any reliance we may have towards the US in the procurement of Virginia class nuclear attack submarines would be far less than our reliance on the US without them.

Virginia class nuclear submarines can travel submerged at 32 knots around the world if needed without surfacing and can outrun surface ships in the process. They are proven cutting edge technology with 12 in the US navy giving trouble free sailing.

Diesel dinosaur submarines built in South Australia are an absolute waste of money and the defence of Australia would benefit more if these funds were invested in other high technology missiles or armed drones to name a few options.

If it is so important to have Australians build these ships why can we not approach our ally the US with a proposal to have cooperation between the American shipyards and Australia in their construction?

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