Draft Defence White Paper 1213

Cameron Stewart’s appraisal of the draft copy of the Defence White Paper is a damning indictment on every politician in Federal Parliament. (Chinese military power “shifting pacific balance” says defence white paper, 21-12).

It bears no relationship to the strategic defence needs of this nation but tries to accommodate a nation that refuses to stand on its own two feet by denying funding for modern high technology weapons.

Yippee, we are still in line to waste $50 billion on 90 year old technology by building 1930s style dieselectric submarines which have a submerged range at full power of probably 50 nautical miles. In the first week of a conflict the enemy’s nimble nuclear submarines will destroy them all in a low risk turkey shoot unless they are hiding in the shallows.

It is time for Australia to take our defence seriously and nuclear submarines, ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and armed drones should be at the forefront of any White Paper.



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