US Alliance with Australia is failing


US Alliance with Australia is failing

 AUSTRALIA is a “critical pillar” in the US pivot to Asia and the rebalancing of its military strategy, the region’s most senior American commander says.

Chief of US Pacific Command (PACOM) Samuel Locklear, speaking in a teleconference from Hawaii, said Australia was vital in the world order that is emerging for the 21st Century.

Our ally and saviour in WW2, the US, has spent an average of 4.5% of GDP annually in the last 90 years maintaining a highly efficient fighting force supplied with cutting edge technology. This force has attempted to maintain peace in the world by protecting western democracies like Australia from intimidation and invasion under a series of coalitions and defence organisations.

This arrangement has largely failed because most participating countries have cut their defence budgets to well under 2% of GDP and in conflicts rely on the US to supply all the weapons and equipment with countries like Australia providing a token number of troops without useful equipment in an attempt to maintain a semblance of support for the coalition.

Aussie Sailors HMAS Sterling ( Lacking Funds)

The Australian government has never adequately funded our defence force in that time. Our present rate of funding is 1.5% of GDP which matches the lows of the 1930s before WW2. For the last 90 years it has rarely exceeded 2% of GDP except during a war.

Australia is a reprehensible parasite feeding off the loins of the US war machine in order to pay little or nothing for our defence. This repugnant bludging on another nation for a responsibility that is clearly ours is shameful and against all the virtues Australians pride themselves as standing for.

Our actions will lead to our destruction in time as there is no free lunch in defence matters. It is clear to us that if there is a blow up in the world like North Korea bombing South Korea, there will be a series of other conflicts flare up whilst the US is distracted. Other nations, where repressed hatred has been suppressed over the past decades will take advantage of this opportunity to even up the score. This unrest may be beyond even the US’s capacity to control.

Australia will be very much alone in the world below billions of Asians to our north and the Great Southern Ocean to our south. It is just fanciful in this scenario to imagine the US disengaging a naval battle fleet and marines from the fight and sailing half way around the world to save us.

For all the nice words spoken by the Chief of US Pacific Command and most US Officials and Presidents, Australia is not playing the game expected of a true ally of the US. We should be warned by the US’s withdrawal from the leadership roles in Libya, Mali, Syria, Iran, North Korea and many other conflict zones throughout the world.

The US has changed the game with good reason and now expects its allies like France, Britain, Germany, Australia etc, to start pulling their weight.

It is glaringly obvious that Australia should carry out a major upgrade of HMAS Sterling in Western Australia and share the facility with a US battle fleet and nuclear submarines until we are in a position to take over most of the Coalition responsibilities in the South Pacific.

Australia should purchase from the US ten Virginia class nuclear attack submarines and have them serviced at HMAS Sterling alongside American submarines until we become proficient in their use.

We should build air and anti-submarine warfare ships equipped with the latest US anti-missile and anti-aircraft weapons systems instead of outdated dieselectric submarines which will destroy the budget and be more than useless in any conflict against nuclear attack submarines.

Australia should aim to build up over time a tight naval battle fleet with the latest amphibious landing capabilities protected from missile and aircraft attack by escort ships and 2 aircraft carriers (built in Australia) equipped with STOVL F35 stealth attack aircraft with the fleet based at HMAS Sterling.

US Aircraft Carrier Nimitz

If Australia could purchase ten nuclear attack submarines in cooperation with the US it would alter the balance of power in the south pacific region.

National defence forces with high technology equipment honed to perfection would be an insurance policy guarding our future and a worthy contribution to the Coalition with our ally the US.

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