Major Parties diplomacy meaningless without a modern defence force

Robert Bond   Director   Citizens for Defence


Indonesian Islamists

Indonesian Islamists mocking the West

Major Parties diplomacy meaningless without a modern defence force

Bobby Bond Sharpened Kornelius Purba, editor of the Jakarta Post, states there are a thousand reasons Indonesians should hate Australia and this should be noted by the legion of Australian pacifists and do-gooders who want us to believe Indonesia is a purring kitten needing a friendly cuddle.

Australia gave Indonesia a billion dollars in the recent tsunami and where was the bulk of it spent? Have we to give them another billion dollars for them to continue to like us?

Australia cannot buy love from a neighbour. Indonesia has the most Muslims per head of population in the world and there is a violent Islamist element in Indonesian society that wants to kill innocent Australians and dominate the nation.

Let’s be realistic about our relationship with Indonesia and put any spare money we have to give away into developing our defensive posture in northern Australia.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd claims the simple act of turning boats around that contain illegal immigrants could cause military conflict with Indonesia is a prime example of the double standard given to the Indonesian relationship. If the Indonesians are prepared to take military action over such a non military issue it follows they would certainly use military force in many other areas (Papua) should the circumstances not suit them.

Indonesia has had several coup d’état in the past where dictators have reigned with great loss of life. Yet our Ivory Tower Academics have stared into the future and infallibly advised our government that an Islamist takeover will not happen and we need no defence preparedness.

The truth is the Islamists have already claimed northern Australia as part of a future Islamic kingdom and in the event of any Coup they could have a million militia with machetes and wearing sandals roaming the north and there would not be a single thing we could do to prevent them.

F35 stealth fighter

          F35 stealth fighter

The north is a comfortable overnight rubber duckie ride from Indonesia and given the lack of security, small population and remote locations it is possible for thousands of militants to land undetected.

Australia should do everything possible to have good relations with Indonesia short of trying to buy Indonesian friendliness. Certainly, the stupidity of Australian politicians was on display when they banned live cattle exports to Indonesia for 5 weeks without any consultation with Indonesia after one controversial TV programme on the ABC.

This kind of stupidity makes the world wonder just what is in the minds of our politicians when they can say on the bible they want friendly relations with Indonesia and then carry out such provocative actions against a trading partner.

We live in the most isolated region on the planet bordering the Great Southern Ocean and have billions of Asians to our north with limited food, water and resources fully aware that Australia has limitless resources and a very scant population to fill a vast continent.

It is extremely dangerous to think that Australia can survive in this environment for any length of time without the most high technology weapons and trained personnel constantly honed to operational excellence with the capacity to defend this nation against the unexpected and the unknown.


 RAAF Scherger

Shouldn’t the northern bare bases at RAAF Scherger, Curtin, and Learmonth be developed into hardened forward defence airfield with underground fuel and weapons storage, top end radar and missile fortifications as well as a few stealth fighters ready to go on each base?

Our defence forces need to be set up so we can project air power 2000 kilometres out to sea from our northern coastal bases in a matter of days. We should have large comprehensive exercises twice a year carrying this out and improving our performance with new equipment and tactics.

Diplomacy starts with a credible modern defence force.

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