Nuclear subs the only defence

Robert Bond   Director   Citizens for Defence


Virginia sub in dry dock

Virginia sub in dry dock

Nuclear subs the only defence

The Collins class submarine is defective in 68 crucial areas of operation. This will take billions of dollars of taxpayer money to attempt to correct. The outcomes are far from guaranteed to be successful. (Secret Defence report signals Collins subs crisis, Cameron Stuart, 25-9)

The major parties are playing a game of Russian roulette with the defence of this nation by delaying decisions and refusing to fund renewal of our submarine fleet.

 Virginia-class nuclear attack submarine

Virginia submarine

The Collins failure was clearly evident in 2009 and the major parties could have bought and leased Virginia class nuclear attack submarines from the US which would have started to be delivered in 2017.

Scrap one or two Collins-class submarines for spare parts and refurbish the remaining 4-5 subs to a level where they could reliably accomplish short missions along the Australian coastline?

Lease several Virginia class subs for our immediate protection whilst we either build Virginia clones in Australia in partnership with the US builders or have them built in the US.

Why are our blinkered politicians so intent on building in South Australia yesterday’s submarine technology to fight tomorrow’s wars?

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