Hot air is not hard defence

Robert Bond   Director   Citizens for Defence


Aus FA18 fighter built 1984

                                     Aus FA18 fighter built 1984

Hot air is not hard defence

Air Marshal Geoff Brown, Australia’s Air Force Chief, says trust of our potential adversaries and plenty of hot air about the ability of the Australian air force will be our future blueprint for the defence of this country. (Air Force welcomes Tony Abbott’s Indonesia push, Brendan Nicholson, The Australian, 11/10).

As Australia has no defence force to speak of, trust and hot air seems an incredibly insecure basis for guarding the security of this nation.

Citizens for Defence want to see the basis for some of the hot air spruiking about the extraordinary ability of our air force.

Have impromptu war games in the north where the navy is invading and the air force is defending with the army guarding the shores. Have some drone targets that the air force could shoot at a thousand kilometres from the coast. They wouldn’t even possess the missiles.

Our defence forces are capable of none of the above exercises.

Self delusion is the cardinal enemy of an efficient and effective defence force for Australia.



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