Japanese sub yesterday’s technology


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Japanese sub yesterday’s technology

Japanese Soryu-class submarine

Japanese Soryu-class submarine

bob Defence Minister David Johnston is negotiating to equip our future submarines with Japanese power trains from propellers to diesel motors. (Japan asked to share submarine technology, 7/12).

Japans Soryu-class submarines have a top speed of 13 knots on the surface and 20 knots submerged for an undisclosed distance, probably 100 kilometres. With the aid of incredibly expensive Air Independent Propulsion AIP the Soryu can crawl along at 6.5 knots for 6,100 nautical miles.

Virginia Nuclear powered submarine under way

Virginia Nuclear powered submarine 

Is this what Australia needs when we can buy US Virginia class nuclear powered submarines for less money which can sail submerged around the world at 32 knots and never surface? The Virginia sub has 40,000 shaft horsepower available for the life of the submarine compared with the Soryu sub which has 8000 shaft horsepower limited by battery capacity and fuel for the AIP. This only allows the Soryu sub to be submerged for a few weeks if it limits the travel speed and distances traveled.

Does Australia really want to be dependent on an Asian nation that we were at war with 67 years ago for spare parts and repairs to our submarines over the next 40 years? One diplomatic tiff and our subs could become useless.

Is Australia content to let its sailors fight and die in a submarine with yesterday’s technology when it is pitted against nimble Chinese nuclear powered submarines?

If the allies of the US in the Western Pacific Ocean refuse to support the US by every means possible, the US is just as likely to pack up and withdraw to Hawaii and leave us to our own devices to handle China.

Australia needs Virginia class submarines to aid our ally the US counter the aggressive bullying of China in the coming decades which may be the only way to ensure our survival.

3 thoughts on “Japanese sub yesterday’s technology

  1. A reminder that each Virginia has a complement of 113 including highly qualified nuclear engineers. A conventional Soryu class has a crew about half this, without any nuclear qualification required.
    As long as we base our subs (correctly) in WA we cannot keep Virginia class manned as the major proportion on RAN crews and their loved ones originate from the Eastern states. Any Nuclear engineers will be offered ten times the RAN salaries to work on shore and see their families twice as much as than while serving at sea.

  2. P.S. Second comment – a Virginia doing 32Kt will sound like a freight train due to flow noise and will be easy pickings.

    • Easy pickings for anyone who can catch it perhaps.
      I have not been able to find the figures, but Virginia may be comparably quiet when running at the Soryu’s top speed.be less dependent on vulnerable refuelling ships

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