Air Warfare Destroyer debacle


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Air Warfare Destroyer

Air Warfare Destroyer debacle

Australia’s new Air Warfare Destroyer’s budget has blown out from $8 billion to $9 billion and the first destroyer has not even been half constructed. (Fears of $1bn bailout as destroyer project leaks $10m a month, Cameron Stewart, the Australian, 17/12/13)

Yet Australia thinks it is going to build 12 diesel dinosaur submarines for a wild guess of $40 billion in 2009 dollar value which will be closer to $80-100 billion in 2017 when they are due to be constructed.

When does reality strike home that in 2009 Australia should have ordered US Virginia class nuclear powered submarines that will outperform the new Aussie subs ten times over, be delivered under budget and under 10 years, from a well proven world’s best attack submarine line, at  cost of $3 billion each.

Australian shipyards are not competitive in any parameter of shipbuilding technology.

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