Chinese naval battle group cruises Australian waters


Robert Bond    Director    Citizens for Defence

Chinese naval battle group cruises Australian waters

Chinese naval battle group cruises in waters off Australia’s northern coastline and our silent Defence minister, Senator Johnson, refuses to comment. Operational secrecy is needed without a doubt. (Sea change of China power, 11/14, The Australian)

It is naive in the extreme to think that Chinese nuclear submarines are not regularly perusing these waters in order to accurately map the sea bed and familiarise themselves with targets in the area.

In a time of conflict one nuclear submarine in half an hour could wipe out the gas and mineral infrastructure in northern Australia crippling our economy.

Air Force bases, naval facilities, and Virginia nuclear powered attack submarines are desperately needed at Weipa, Broome and Exmouth to defend our north against such provocative unannounced intrusions into our area of concern by other belligerent nations.

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