New Defence White Paper a fraud before it is written

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New Defence White Paper a fraud before it is written

 The next Defence White Paper is a fraud before it is even written with the government’s demands that facile election promises of no defence cuts and a 2% of GDP defence budget by 2023 be the guidelines. (New white paper urges doubling of defence spending to $50bn, The Australian, Greg Sheridan, 27-2-14)

Senator Johnson

Senator Johnson

There are no defence budget increases planned for the next budget and the Coalition government will be long gone by 2023.

The Defence White Paper should reflect the current strategic situation and what Australia reasonably needs to counter it and not be hamstrung by stingy politicians of both major parties seeking to hide the true picture of Australia’s pathetic defence position.

Shadow Defence spokesman, Stephen Conroy has refused to take a responsible position on defence funding since his appointment and has even personally attacked army officers for doing their duty. He should be sacked in the next week and former Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbons reappointed to the post.

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