Do not repeat sub fiasco

Robert Bond    Director    Citizens for Defence      Citizens for Defence (BondBobby) on Twitter

Do not repeat sub fiasco

The Collins class subs have depth restrictions, speed restrictions, periscopes that vibrate and leak water, endless battery, generator and engine problems, and no capacity to provide the firepower and endurance demanded to adequately defend our 36,000 kilometre coastline. (Shape up or ship out: subs’ future on the line, 7/3).

Ten well managed Virginia-class nuclear attack submarines would be as effective as 30  unreliable one off Australian designed and built diesel electric submarines. The Collins fiasco is an example of what will probably be the eventuality if Australia decides to go it alone down the Collins path again. In fact, the world has moved on since Collins was built and the technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that a bad outcome is almost guaranteed.

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