Japanese sub technology a step too far

Robert Bond   Director   Citizens for Defence

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Japanese  sub technology a step too far

Senator David Johnston should think again on tying Australia to Japanese submarine technology for the next 50 years. Only 70 years ago we were at war with Japan and who knows the diplomatic twists and turns that lie ahead in the next half century with any northern Asian nation.(Navy eyes Japan’s technology BRENDAN NICHOLSON The Australian May 16, 2014 12:00AM)

Australia could be denied spare parts, technical skills and routine upgrading of its submarine over time depending on the whim of the Japanese nation. These risks Australia could do without. Sweden’s refusal to supply shells for their anti tank weapons purchased by Australia led to death and injury of our soldiers in the Vietnam War.

The US and Great Britain are the only Anglo Saxon nations with the runs on the board on whom Australia should depend in defence matters. They only make nuclear powered submarines for the vast oceans we have surrounding us and shouldn’t this tell something to our politicians who are way out of their depth on the submarine issue.

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