Hugh White: Abbott doesn’t understand China


Robert Bond    Director    Citizens for Defence      Citizens for Defence (BondBobby) on Twitter

Hugh White: Abbott doesn’t understand China

Hugh White is spruiking to anyone who will listen that the region and the US should be sharing power with China, a communist dictatorship that runs over anyone who mentions democracy in tanks.  Hugh talks as though Japan and the other US allies have no skin in the game and it is purely a contest between China and the US. He suggests Japan and by inference other allies of the US pull back from the coalition as their input is insignificant. China could have no greater friend.

Hugh’s facetious remarks that Tony Abbott doesn’t understand the situation with China really reveal just how dangerous his pacifist comments are to the security of Australia. His comment that “We do not have to choose supine surrender or inflexible resistance” Is a real corker. Hugh, what should we choose? You are telling us what China plans to do. Could Hugh advise us how much power and sovereignty we have to surrender to China before the dragon is satiated?

China has to be stopped and blind Freddie can see that it is in Australia’s interest that China be stopped in the East China Sea and not after it has walked over the East and South China Seas and is knocking on the door of Australia. Abbott is doing this as he should and I give him credit for fully understanding the situation.

Hugh should stop talking on behalf of the US and Japan and suggest what Australia and the rest of the freeloaders in the South and East China Sea should do to balance China. I hope the US continues this policy of disinterest until it forces Australia and the other nations to upgrade their forces. Australia should be spending 4% of GDP (Hugh suggests we should spend half this amount) on intelligent defence assets like nuclear submarines and substantial military exercises.

It is ludicrous that Australia has allowed itself to get into such a dependence on China for our commodity exports. It is equally ludicrous that we let China buy up Cubbie Station, our biggest cotton irrigation property and large tracts of the Ord River irrigation country as well as trillions of dollars of other investments.

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