Hugh White still doesn’t understand


Robert Bond    Director    Citizens for Defence      Citizens for Defence (BondBobby) on Twitter

Hugh White still doesn’t understand

Hugh says “we do need to try to do some kind of deal” as China takes over the East China Sea, South China Sea and is establishing military bases on reclaimed reef islands in the southern China Sea. Warplanes, ships, and missiles would be closer to Australia than Christmas Island is and will directly threaten Australia and its sea lanes.

Could Hugh advise us how much power and sovereignty we have to surrender to China before the dragon is satiated? Hugh’s facetious remarks that Tony Abbott doesn’t understand the situation with China really reveal just how dangerous his pacifist comments are to the security of Australia.

Hugh uses the threat of war to back up his argument to be subservient to China in the hope of “peace in our time” but this usually goads the aggressor on to more demands. Try to make a deal by all means but at the end of the day what does a piece of paper mean when as Hugh says China is so determined to get its way. Hugh doesn’t understand how appeasement works and should study the start of WW2 when Chamberlain gave away half of Europe and it still did not satisfy the Nazis. Is there much difference between a Nazi nation and a communist nation?

China has to be stopped and blind Freddie can see that it is in Australia’s interest that China be stopped in the East China Sea and not after it has walked over the East and South China Seas and is knocking on the door of Australia. Abbott is doing this as he should and I give him credit for fully understanding the situation.

But unless Australia and other affected Asia nations arm themselves quickly we will have nothing to back us up in negotiations with China. The Chinese insults in the Globe put it brutally when it commented that what’s it matter if our Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is a “fool”, we have nothing anyway (to worry them).

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