A regurgitated Collins submarine

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Collins submarine

                                      Collins submarine

A regurgitated Collins submarine

Bobby Bond SharpenedASPI’s Andrew Davies has given a run down on the (SEA 1000) Future submarine project. Project manager RADM Greg Sammut and DMO David Gould advised that the revised capability aims aren’t very different from Collins in terms of range, speed and endurance. Capability enhancements will instead focus on sensor capabilities and stealthiness, both of which will make the subs more effective and survivable in the decades to come.

And now they are deciding to equip the subs with the existing Collins combat system. In effect it is going to be a new Collins sub only outdated by another 50 years of delays and ensures Australia will have a more outdated submarine than the Collins was.

This is a first class scandal where our Defence Minister David Johnston and Prime Minister Tony Abbott are drowning in a sea of political intrigue or are just delaying and muddying the waters as Labor did. The truth will never be revealed whilst the government propaganda machine ASPI led by Peter Jennings and helped along by the extremely mild mannered Andrew Davies who are both on the next Defence White Paper Board and are with ASPI an organisation that gets $8000 a day or $3 million a year presumably to push out government propaganda.

There should be a royal commission into the delays and intrigue from as far back as 2008 which has left Australia defenceless in underwater operations and all it can now offer is a rerun of the Collins performance and endurance credentials. It should be investigated how a government can rule out nuclear powered subs which are the only option if we ever want to stand on our own two feet in Asia in the decades ahead.

If Australia goes ahead with the Collins clone it will type us in the rest of the world as a second rate democracy easily intimidated and pushed around and a freeloader on the US which has made quite plain in the last few years this is unacceptable to them.

Virginia Submarine underway

Virginia Submarine underway

One would have thought that so-called experts like Andrew Davies would be more than a government mouthpiece and compare the benefits to Australia of nuclear power such as an underwater speed indefinitely of over 32 knots etc, etc.

There has to be an inquiry into why our governments and their advisers are going to keep our submarine warfare capabilities at the level of technology in the first half of the last century and have for 8 years excluded even the consideration of this century nuclear technology which by definition is centuries ahead of a regurgitated Collins-class submarine.

One thought on “A regurgitated Collins submarine

  1. For what does a submarine need a speed of more than 20 knots?
    For what does a submarine need such a range?
    For what an outdated and oversized combat system?

    What does the Australian government intend to do with submarines?
    That is the first question.
    Bomb China with a few cruise missiles? Laughable!

    Think smart, think small.
    My favorite is the Type 210mod.

    For the price of 12 sons of Collins Australia could buy at least 72 Type 214 submarines or even more Type 210mod. Maybe around 100.

    No submarine is faster than a submarine already on station and a fast submarine is loud as hell.

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