Nuclear subs deserve to be considered


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Virginia Nuclear powered submarine under way

Virginia Nuclear powered submarine under way

Nuclear subs deserve to be considered

Bobby Bond SharpenedIn The Australian’s excellently presented Defence Special Report on page 6 Andrew Davies headlines read “Hunt for missing sub continues”. (1-11). The submarine Australia needs is not missing as ten of the Virginia-class nuclear powered attack submarines are presently sailing the seven seas with all state of the art systems working flawlessly. In short it is a proven design that can be bought with supreme confidence that it will be the most effective trouble free submarine Australia can buy. Yet Australia proposes to buy for more money unproven 100 year old technology subs that are a third as effective as the Virginia.

When is Australia going to grow up and join the real world where nuclear submarines exist in all our enemies’ navies and nuclear power stations generate the power for use in building these submarines? The idealists who oppose nuclear power are becoming an incredible threat to our security, our prosperity, and our position in the world. Purchase of 100 year old technology diesel dinosaur submarines will type Australia ever more as a backward subservient nation that is irrelevant in world affairs.

Future Sub calls the NRMA

Future Sub calls the NRMA

The media just cannot keep dismissing nuclear submarines with sentences like “We cannot do nuclear subs politically, scientifically and probably also for cost reasons”  as Greg Sheridan of The Australian did in his recent article “Labor’s mistakes lie behind a subs crisis we are ill-equipped to resolve”. It is surely the job of the media to inform the Australian voter about the incredible lift in fire power, endurance, speed and protection modern nuclear attack submarines would give Australia at no extra cost compared with 100 year old technology dieselectric submarines built in Australia or with assistance from Japan, Germany, France or Sweden.

It is as if the Australian media is living in another world, another time, when nuclear powered submarines did not exist. The major parties say nuclear submarines are a forbidden word and the media obediently concurs. Does it matter that many concerned citizens and thinking members of the public can see that if our politicians try to hold back the future in defence technology it will leave Australian ocean defence in tatters for the next 50 years. This would threaten the Australian public with possibly catastrophic consequences in the future.

If the supposed million people supporting non nuclear use were at all fair dinkum they would never have an X ray and would petition for the banning of all US nuclear powered warships defending Australia in the next attempted invasion of Australia. They are first class hypocrites who expect another nation to use nuclear power to defend us and yet they will not defend themselves with nuclear power. We are a nation destined for oblivion.

Virginia Nuclear Attack Sub

Virginia Nuclear Attack Sub

It is just unacceptable that a small minority is going to hold this nation to ransom by opposing nuclear power which is going to destroy our security and our prosperity over time. Clive Palmer holds the balance of power in the senate and he has said on a number of occasions that he would support buying subs from the US so why can’t the Coalition push through a rational decision on nuclear submarines or a referendum at the next election whilst they have the chance.

The US and Great Britain are the only Anglo Saxon nations with the runs on the board on whom Australia should depend in defence matters. They only make nuclear powered submarines for the vast oceans we have surrounding us and shouldn’t this tell something to our politicians who are way out of their depth on the submarine issue.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Defence Minister David Johnston level with the Australian people and tell us why you cannot make a rational decision on nuclear submarines for the defence of our nation.


Study the performance chart between a Japanese submarine and a US Virginia-class nuclear attack submarine and see the madness in purchasing a Jap sub.

……………………………….Japanese Sub          Virginia-class

Cost of 1 sub                  A$3 billion             A$2.5 billion

Sub weight                    4000 tonnes            7900 tonnes

Submerged sub

Top speed                      22 knots                  32 knots

Distance                        50 nautical miles     unlimited

Snorting speed              12 knots                  32 knots

Propulsion                    Dieselectric             nuclear powered

Shaft Horse P               8,000 shp               40,000 shp

Cruise Missiles              8 (If any)                             16

Range                           1000 miles                 1000 miles

Torpedoes                     30                             38 (21 inch)

Dive Depth                    200 metres               250+(480 alleged)      


Endurance                    14 days                     100 days+


work rate of sub           3=1 nuclear sub       1 nuclear sub

Cost for same

work rate                    $9B at 2012 $           $2.5B at 2012 

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