Xi Jinping’s speech: More diplomacy, less raw power


Robert Bond    Director    Citizens for Defence

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Chinese DF-21D Anti-ship Ballistic Missile

              Chinese DF-21D Anti-ship Ballistic Missile

Who can put any trust in a few silky smooth words by the Chinese leader Xi in the Australian Parliament House. He said what one would expect him to say whilst he continue to build islands for military bases in the South China Sea which will directly threaten Australia. Putting oil rigs in other peoples territory and surrounding it with a 100 military and Coast Guard ships willing to sink any intruders doesn’t strike me as friendly.
Diplomacy with China will only work when Australia builds up a credible defence force that can defend our shores. Diplomacy without defence is the biggest incentive to China’s adventurism any Asian nation can offer China.

Australia should double defence spending for nuclear powered submarines, F35B Joint Strike Fighter “jump jets” and other high technology equipment in order to seriously challenge any foreign battle fleet that decides to sail into our waters.
The Major Parties starving of our defence force of funds led to the most pathetic display of military muscle seen over many decades by a so called middle power recently when the Russian and Chinese battle fleets decided to cruise through our waters. It was an utter disgrace and an accurate demonstration of just how feeble and subservient this nation is.

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