Defence before personal gratification

               Indonesian Islamists have gathered in Jakarta to celebrate the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks

Why Australian citizens are prepared to let our politicians get away with leaving this country defenceless is a life or death question that needs to be answered?

Any sovereign nation needs a functioning modern defence force at all times regardless of whether there are threats or not. Australia needs this more so than many other nations who have spent some silver pieces on their nation’s security.

We live in the most isolated region on the planet bordering the Great Southern Ocean and have billions of Asians to our north with limited food, water and resources fully aware that Australia has limitless resources and a very scant population to fill a vast continent.

It is extremely dangerous to think that Australia can survive in this environment for any length of time without the most high technology weapons and trained personnel constantly honed to operational excellence with the capacity to defend this nation against the unexpected and the unknown.

Indonesia is just one case in point. The recent export cattle crisis displays the brittleness of the relationship between us and our close neighbour even when Indonesia has the most pro western government in its history.

This nation of 250 million people has the highest proportion of Muslims per head of population of any nation in the world. Indonesia is in a constant battle to contain the violent Islamist element and its many sympathisers. Westerners are regularly being targeted and murdered in that country.

Indonesia has had several coup d’état in the past where dictators have reigned with great loss of life. Yet our Ivory Tower Academics have stared into the future and infallibly advised our government that an Islamist takeover will not happen and we need no defence preparedness.

The truth is the Islamists have already claimed northern Australia as part of a future Islamic kingdom and in the event of any Coup they could have a million militia with machetes and wearing sandals roaming the north and there would not be a single thing we could do to prevent them.

Give them their trusty AK 47 submachine guns and grenade launchers and who knows where events like this could end. The north is a comfortable overnight rubber duckie ride from Indonesia and given the lack of security, small population and remote locations it is possible for thousands of militants to land undetected.

Then there is China sending its nuclear submarines down to circumnavigate Australia on a regular basis for political purposes or intimidation. Worse still, China is pouring billions of dollars of aid into the small undeveloped nations surrounding our northern rim and it may be only a matter of time before there is Chinese military bases established directly threatening Australian security.

Communist nations regularly use military might for political and trade purposes and for Australia to be put in this position without any defence is a criminal act by our politicians.

There are literally dozens of such scenarios where the unknown unknowns outnumber the known unknowns and no soothsayer academic or government adviser would have a clue what is likely to eventuate in the future.

If the Australian citizens are prepared to sit back and accept the immediate gratification of government handouts for every human need from the cradle to the grave as is occurring now with the mad rush to make everyone in the country dependent on the government for their very existence, then national security becomes a distant second.

Yet national defence should never come second to personal gratification just as life as we know it should never give way to being raped, pillaged, or murdered because we failed to provide the wherewithal to defend ourselves.

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